January 2, 2014

Unexpected save
ejecting rude passenger
from an airline flight.

Inspiration: Hawkins helps shut down unruly passenger mid-flight

January 1, 2014

Baseball is growing
with “competitive balance”
under Bud Selig.

Inspiration: Under Selig, game continues to flourish


July 17, 2013

Alex Rodriguez
hoping for activation
early as Monday.

Inspiration: A-Rod expects to be back with Yankees on Monday


July 16, 2013

Mo Rivera works
in his final All-Star Game.
Three down in order.

Inspiration: Classic Mo-ment: Rivera’s final ASG flawless

October 17, 2012

Persistent benchings
make A-Rod ‘disappointed’
but they’re effective.

Inspiration: A-Rod ‘disappointed’ by persistent benchings

October 16, 2012

Avoiding the wind,
high enough to clear the wall,
Delmon hits home run.

Inspiration: Delmon’s legend grows taller with Game 3 blast

October 15, 2012

Close call begs replay
Blanco scrambles back to first
“safe” ruling upheld.

Inspiration: Matheny, Cardinals frustrated by disputed call

October 14, 2012

Is he safe or out?
Replay clearly shows the tag
that ump didn’t see.

Inspiration: Missed call upsets Yanks, benefits Tigers

October 13, 2012

Out for postseason
due to a fractured ankle
is Derek Jeter.

Inspiration: Jeter fractures ankle in loss, out for postseason

October 12, 2012

Did it hit the pole?
Review was inconclusive
and McLouth strikes out.

Inspiration: Fair or foul? McLouth’s near-homer halted O’s ‘O’